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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Hi there, I'm that wierd deviant that goes by the name Lunulata.


I am by no means a regular uploader. Quite the contrary actually, life and moods get in the way more often than not.

Also, while I do enjoy making fanart, I draw way more fan-character and OC's, and sometimes also human forms of non-human characters.
Sometimes I draw shipping stuff, both homo and hetero pairings.
Even crack.
Whatever I feel like.

So if you dislike one of the things I listed, you should really debate whether or not you should watch me.

I'm also here to talk to nice people about fandoms, headcanons, or whatever.
My main fandoms are The Legend of Zelda and the Kirby game series, but I also like Pokemon or, for example, Final Fantasy. I'm open to most things, also AU's or own concepts, which I find quite interesting.


Also, I'm thankful for all :+fav:'s and comments. It means alot to me ;w;


my soulmate :heart:


Also watch these~


  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Popcorn
tagged by: :icondarkdragon1010: :iconthesym:


1. - You must posts these rules.

2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged

6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"

7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people

8. - No tag-backs

9. - You can’t say that you don't do tags.

10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry

And since I was tagged twice...

Questions by :icondarkdragon1010:

1. What is the story of your favourite OC?
Ohgawd. I have to many of them so it's hard to say who's my favourite. I guess I'll go with my iconic OC Lunulata:
(I currently integrated her world in the Kirby-universe, but it can also exist by itself.)

Lunulata is an Octika, a species that was once human and then taken and turned into their current, octopus-like shape by a waterdragon god, who is now the warden of his "creations". Her mother is of noble blood and was the high priestess of said dragongod, before she was expelled for being "unpure" (a.k.a. expecting a child) by her male counterpart. Lunulata was raised with love and attention, teached in reading, writing, and playing instuments, but also sheltered from most things. However, her rather peaceful life was snatched away from her at the age of 15 when a monstrous ambush razed her homeplanet to the ground, and in order to secure her escape, Lunulata's mother sacrificed herself so her daughter could flee from the planet with a ship.

2. Playstation or Xbox?
Neither. I'm a Nintendork.

3. If you had the chance to work at any job you want or study anything you want; what would you do?
Desining characters for a manga or video game would be awesome. Or voiceacting. I'd love to voiceact at least once...

4. Who is your favorite artist? ( from d.A or comic booker or painter or whoever inspires you the most)
I'm not sure if I have a favourite artist, really. There are just several that inspire me in certain aspects: Zelda, Kirby, (Kirby-)Gijinkas, OC's, and so on. Most of them are in my watchlist.

5. Have you been out of your country yet? (for vacation, whatever?)
Yep, quite often. I have been to Greece several times, same with Italy. I have also been in Gran Canary, Germany...

And Mallorca.
Never again.

6. Do you play Pokemon X or Y? *w*
Yes, I play Pokemon Y.

7. Do you have iScribble? ..Can we draw together sometimes? *w*
I do, but I barley do it because I'm even worse when drawing digitally. *sob*
And yes Dana, we can draw sometimes -w-

8. What inspired you to draw or write?
Hm, I just did? My mom and my brothers used to draw all the time, so it was natual for me to start doing so too. My mother still has pictures I made when I was two years old. At that time, bunnies have been my favourite animals and instead of people I drew everyone as kind of humanoid bunny. *haha*
When it comes to writing, I already kinda enjoyed doing it in elementary school, but I really started after reading some fanfictions, after that I wanted to write some myself. *shrug*

9. Your favorite type of music?
Video Game (music) Remixes. Be it Nintendo-/GaMetal, Reorchestrations, or actuall remixes.

10. How do you spend your regular days?
Doing whatever, really.

Questions by :iconthesym:

1. What are your favourite animals?
Octopi, cuttlefish, and the honduran white bats

2. Your favourite event you've been to yet? (big things like concerts, festivals, conventions...)
Haven't been to real events I think. Nothing worth mentioning.

3. Have you ever been in some kind of tournement or competitive league? (videogames, sports, nose picking, anything)
Hm, I think there was something when I was around six or so... A relay or race of some sort. But I barely remember ^^;

4. Do you play any instruments?
Not really. I learned flute in elementary school and I own a keyboard, but that's all there is to it.

5. Tell us about your worst Mary Sue OC (we all have/had one, admit it :'D) as well as about your best thought through one.
She was a Naruto-OC, Naruto's sister, a jinchuuriki like him, and in the very beginning I think sie was also friends with Sasuke and Itachi. God, what was I thinking? xD At least she was no love-interest for Sasuke...

6. Anything you really regret?
You mean other than my Mary Sues? =D
I guess not trusting my gut when it literally screamed that something was off.

7. Show us your favourite deviation you created and tell us why you like it the most.…
this one I guess. It was the first picture in which my bad mood was helpful while drawing it. Usually they hinder me in that activity. Also it's my only picture where the background was kinda done by itself, otherwise I'm really useless and unskilled when  it comes to backgrounds.

8. Is there something you loved but don't like anymore?
Sailor Moon. I was so much into it when I was a young girl x'D

9. Give us links to your three favourite songs right now. :'D

10. Do you like bacon?
Bacon is one of the best things in the world.

My questions for you:
1. How/why did you start gaming? (If you are not playing videogames, choose any other activity and how you started it)
2. What's your favourite season (spring, summer, fall, winter) and why?
3. Describe yourself in one sentence.
4. Would you rather be rich or famous?
5. If you could choose an extraordinary skin- and haircolour, which one(s) would it be?
6. Your favourite character? (No matter if game-, fiction- or OC-character)
7. Do you collect something?
8. Something embarrasing that happened to you in public?
9. Favourite sweets?
10. Something you hate to do but have to anyway?

tagged peoplevictims: :iconseaboardblue: :iconyenke: :iconanonymous-mystery: :iconpineapplelicious: :iconsplit-heart: :iconbeanielova: :iconevanatt: :iconembbu-chan: :iconwebmegami: :iconvanevil:

No seriously, feel free to do it if you want to ^^

See ya around~

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